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Coherency because of sustainability story Riedel

About Riedel

Riedel is a Dutch company, market leader in fruit based beverages. Brands like Appelsientje, CoolBest and DubbelFrisss are well known in The Netherlands. Riedel’s ambition is to produce “the best of fruits in a sustainable way, always, for everyone”.

Sustainability: Riedels cohesive story

Riedel improves its sustainability, in all kind of different projects. However, the coherence between these projects was lost. The company asked us, Schuttelaar & Partners, to write the umbrella story to connect all the sustainability projects. Through interviews with staff members as well as by studying project plans and other documents, we were able to identify  the right connection . As such, we wrote down Riedel’s cohesive sustainable story.

Our Approach

One part of the story tells about the packaging. The reason to focus on this particular issue is the introduction of a 330 ml beverage carton for take-out purposes on the Dutch market. During the introduction, we advised about the communicationstrategy. Amongst others, we have plotted important stakeholders, advised about the life cycle analysis by experts and set out the communication plan.

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