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Our story

The world around us is beautiful. We live in a great place where, through partnership and collaboration, we have achieved great things. We also have the time and freedom to enjoy them. We thus look at the world surrounding us with respect. Yet we do acknowledge that the world is fragile and that much still needs to be done to lay the foundation for our future.


We strongly believe that together we can lay this foundation, to maintain this beautiful world and handing it over to next generations intact and with a pride. To do this, we need to make use of modern science, up-to-date knowledge and technology. We also need to work on influencing stakeholders and changing consumers’ behaviour. In doing so, we take a multi-level approach. We do not only look at the interest of society as a whole, but also at the health and well-being of individuals.


We like to take responsibility and accept the challenge to provide guidance to actors of society. Especially since we believe that this world can be shaped. Furthermore, we believe that we can make this world better by working together and by creating sustainable solutions. These solutions need to be communicated convincingly in a future-focused and pro-active manner. Through this approach we canbalance welfare and well-being and thus positively impact both individuals and society.


We are supporters of solutions in which the positive effect of new behaviours plays an important role. Positive Impact is a term we embrace wholeheartedly. It portrays our mentality, promotes sustainability and health, as well as our belief that these can be positively impacted. 

About us

Schuttelaar & Partners is a communication consultancy specialised in health and sustainability. We are convinced that the world can and must become healthier and more sustainable.

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CSR within our office

Indeed, sustainability and health are also of key importance to our very own business.

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Healthy World Cooperation

In the summer of 1995, Marcel Schuttelaar founded a company completely unique in the Netherlands -  Schuttelaar & Partners, a strategic and communication consultancy.

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Our employees

Schuttelaar & Partners’ consultants come from all sectors, including business, government, NGOs and academia. 

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B Corp

Schuttelaar & Partners is certified by B Corp. This world-wide community has one common goal: creating a social and sustainable impact, while having and being a successful business.

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Certificate holders

Schuttelaar & Partners has a system of certificate holders. Employees who have been employed for a long period c can participate in the organisation financially.

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Our network

To foster real change, we like to cooperate with stakeholders that help us full-fill our strategies and plans. We are always open to new cooperations and initiatives.