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Our story

We at Schuttelaar & Partners dream about a sustainable and healthy future. For 25 years we have been working with our customers to realise this, and together we achieved a lot. You can read more about our dreams, focal points and ambitions in our corporate brochure we created for our 25th anniversary in 2020.


A careless future is not self-evident. Our planet appears vulnerable. Business as usual is no longer an option. Challenges relating to food, climate, resources, energy and public health urge for a radical redesign of our economy. Wherever possible, this needs to be circular to become future proof.


Schuttelaar & Partners focuses on making the agri-food system healthier and more sustainable, and on realising a vital society in which the quality of life is paramount. We are committed to changing the food production system so that a growing population can be fed without depleting the earth. A food production system in which all stakeholders in the agricultural and food chain deserve an adequate reward for their efforts, and where consumers’ food choices are essentially healthy and sustainable. We contribute to affordable healthcare for everyone and promote a healthy lifestyle at all stages of life.


Our multidisciplinary teams with professional experts, communication and public affairs consultants, designers, and digital developers are fully committed. Passionate professionals like working with us. Specialists who combine their knowledge and skills with our ideal to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world. Together with you we create innovative and impactful projects.


We contribute to the business of change. That was our mission 25 years ago, and it is now more relevant than ever. Do you join us?


About us

Schuttelaar & Partners is a communication consultancy specialised in health and sustainability. We are convinced that the world can and must become healthier and more sustainable.

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CSR within our office

Indeed, sustainability and health are also of key importance to our very own business.

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Healthy World Cooperation

In the summer of 1995, Marcel Schuttelaar founded a company completely unique in the Netherlands -  Schuttelaar & Partners, a strategic and communication consultancy.

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Our employees

Schuttelaar & Partners’ consultants come from all sectors, including business, government, NGOs and academia. 

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B Corp

Schuttelaar & Partners is certified by B Corp. This world-wide community has one common goal: creating a social and sustainable impact, while having and being a successful business.

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Certificate holders

Schuttelaar & Partners has a system of certificate holders. Employees who have been employed for a long period c can participate in the organisation financially.

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Our network

To foster real change, we like to cooperate with stakeholders that help us full-fill our strategies and plans. We are always open to new cooperations and initiatives.

Want to know more?

Patrick Reijnen

Managing director communications

Call 06 83 52 60 73 or send Patrick an email.