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Workshop for members of RCT Gelderland

RCT Gelderland

Regional Technology Centre (Regionaal Centrum voor Technolgoie, RCT) Gelderland supports and connects companies to innovate. Several times a year it organizes an expert table as part of the project within the Strategic Agenda of Region Valley. This is made possible by RCT Gelderland, Province of Gelderland, Region Foodvalley, VNO-NCW VeluweVallei and Federatie Ondernemerskringen Valleiregio.


New ideas in a changing food system

Our food production system faces major challenges. How do we ensure that everyone in our world has sufficient and nutritious food? That we (continue to) produce healthy products in a sustainable way? And that at the same time we guarantee the continued existence of our businesses? In short, how do we combine business, food, health and sustainability? RCT Gelderland has asked us to give a workshop to participants from the food industry to discuss the opportunities and challenges and to come up with new solutions.


Making business out of food transition

During the workshop we told the participants about the creation of our current food system. We also took them into account in the developments at policy level, the market trends and practical examples we see.

In order to inspire the participants and make them think about the possibilities for their businesses, we linked this to the models for food transition and earning models we previously developed on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. These models show the phase of a transition and how you can respond to this as a company. On the basis of four R's (revalue, reconnect, reformulate and redesign) we jointly thought about new business ideas for food products. "I thought it was a very fun and educational afternoon, dropping the pieces of the puzzle in exactly the right place for me. 

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