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Boost for sustainability and circularity of packaging

Plastic Pact

The use of plastics has grown exponentially over the past fifty years and the disadvantages are clearly visible. That is why companies and other organizations have joined forces with the national government to bring a circular economy for plastic products and packaging closer together: Plastic Pact NL

We have created and are still executing a communication structure through which signatories and other interested parties can actively exchange information and share successes. Communication aims to enthuse, stimulate and facilitate, so that more collaborative initiatives are taken and the goals of the Plastic Pact are achieved. By also informing a wider public, other companies and organizations are also inspired to take steps towards sustainability and circularity – and perhaps to join the Plastic Pact after all.

Our Approach

The essence of communication with the primary target group consists of: the bi-annual meeting events, the dynamic website with the interactive portal for signatories, the digital newsletters, in which participants receive background information and feedback from the meetings (10x a year). In interaction with the Steering Committee, we have developed a recognizable logo and house style (identity) for the Plastic Pact. These were translated into all communication materials, including the website, which contributes to recognisability, unambiguity and professional appearance. To get an impression of the event in March, have a look at the aftermovie:

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