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Novel food dossiers for new food items

Novel food dossiers for new food products

The transition to a more sustainable food system requires innovation. New food products are being developed as we speak, but what is needed to actually bring these new food products to the market? They may be more sustainable, but are they also healthy and safe to consume? 


Novel food regulation

Within the European Union, new food products are covered by the novel food regulation. This means that these food products are only allowed on the EU market if they are considered as safe for consumption by the European authorities. For this purpose, the applicant has to provide a novel food dossier that proves the safety of the product. 


Support with novel food dossiers

Schuttelaar & Partners helps businesses navigate through the entire process of the novel food procedure or with specific phases. Beforehand, we can help with questions regarding the procedure and the novelty status of the food product. In addition, we support in gathering data, draft (parts of) novel food dossiers and submit them to the European authorities. Furthermore, we assist in the follow-up process: we provide advice and support with the questions from and communication with the European authorities. For investors we conduct second opinions and due diligence checks. 


Food Compliance team

Our Food Compliance team consists of experts in the field of food technology, food safety, toxicology, laboratory analyses, nutrition and health, intake assessments and food quality management. Using this broad expertise, we can demonstrate the safety and nutritional value of novel foods according to the guidelines, case-by-case and in cooperation with the customer.  

In this way we help our clients to bring their innovative novel food to the EU market and contribute to the transition to a healthier and more sustainable food system. 

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