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Novel food dossiers for new food items

Novel food dossiers

We compose novel food dossiers for companies that want to introduce new, sustainable and healthy food items or ingredients onto the market.


Questions about novel foods

All foodstuffs that were practically unconsumed in Europe before 1997 need to go through an extensive legal procedure to prove that they are safe for consumption. The procedure causes many additional questions such as: can my innovation be classified as a novel food? Which steps do I need to take in order to meet all demands?


Our approach

We help clients navigate the complex process and take (parts of) it off their hands when asked to do so. We initiate necessary assessments, write and file the requested documents and answer any questions by the European Food Safety Authority that might arise.

We determine whether the new product is a novel food or not, perform a gap-analysis on what is available or missing and proceed with additional research when needed. Besides this we perform literature analyses. We use our validated Intake Modeler-tool to make in depth dietary intake assessments. All these steps lead towards a structured novel food file, based on a mix of scientific knowledge and expertise.


The result

Novel foods often play an important role in the transition towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Examples are plant-based proteins, insects and in-vitro meat. However, everything we eat should be healthy. Therefore we help innovative food producers to introduce their foods onto the consumer market in a safe, sustainable way as fast as possible.

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