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Animated videos for Nevedi


Nevedi (Dutch Association for the Animal Feed Industry) looks after the interests of the animal feed sector in The Netherlands. Nevedi has over 90 members which produce and/or deliver compound feed, premixes/additives, milk powder for calves or moist products to livestock farmers in The Netherlands.


Production of animal feed

Safety is an important theme for Nevedi. In the animal feed factories of the members, people work with al kinds of machines and raw materials. In this environment it is very important for employees to know how to work safely and how to avoid accidents. Nevedi asked us to communicate this information in a understandable, accessible way via videos for employees.


Understandable and fun

The ‘Safety Catalog for Grain’ was our starting point. This catalos describes the measures that employers and employees have agreed on at industry level. We translates the sometimes hard to understand rules and measures to an understandable script for the voice-over. By this, we made sure that the safety measures were described short, powerful and action driven.

After that we strengthened this information with fun, recognizable animations which clarified the voice-over. We made animation videos about explosion safety, machine safety, confined spaces and animal diseases, amongst others.


Broad audience

Because of the animated videos the safety measures for the animal feed industry became easy to understand and accessibly for a broad audience. The sometimes difficult to understand measures were explained in a clear way, so that employees in the sector can work in a safer way. The videos are placed in the ‘Safety Catalog for Grain’ and in the Nevedi app.



Take a look at one of the animated videos we created for Nevedi (Dutch).

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