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Deltaplan Biodiversiteitsherstel en LIFE IP All4Biodiversity

Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration and LIFE IP All4Biodiversity

The Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration is a movement in which companies, farmers, nature organisations, knowledge institutions and governments are working intensively together to reverse the loss of biodiversity and restore it. In the LIFE IP All4Biodiversity program, various parties are working together to improve the quality of nature areas in the Netherlands. The two are closely linked.

Restoring biodiversity together

There are many ways to increase biodiversity. The 'Toolbox for Biodiversity', developed for LIFE IP All4Biodiversity and the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration, includes tools and practical examples that offer perspective for anyone who wants to work on restoring biodiversity.

The aim of the Toolbox is to bring together the various knowledge, tools and practical examples of restoring biodiversity and to make them accessible. The online toolbox includes tools and practical examples for the themes earning models, area-specific cooperation and monitoring. The toolbox also includes guidelines on how various companies and organizations can contribute to increasing biodiversity on their own land.

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Knowledge for change

Within the Delta Plan for Biodiversity Restoration, LIFE IP All4Biodiversity and all their partners, there is already a lot of knowledge and practical examples of how to restore biodiversity. As the project office for the Delta Plan, we have collected this knowledge and translated it into accessible tools. All this knowledge has been brought together in an online toolbox that we have developed and hosted at Groen Kennisnet, the knowledge platform for the green sector. The toolbox will be continuously expanded in the coming period.