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What does the EU Green Deal mean for European Businesses?

The von der Leyen European Commission released the EU Green Deal on the 11th of December 2019. The deal is a comprehensive plan consisting of the policies which will be introduced over the next five years. The implications of this policy framework for European businesses are various. As well as fast-paced implementation efforts, a feasibility study on setting new emissions targets can be expected by the summer. The outcomes of this study will be presented at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November.

The European Green Deal presents a wide array of possibilities for European businesses. Investment in sustainable solutions should become increasingly incentivised and profitable. However, the European private sector needs to act swiftly and effectively to seize the opportunity created by this widespread change before it becomes a burden. Businesses need to surround themselves with people who are experienced in the field of sustainability and who can provide them with the right help to achieve the full potential of the EU Green Deal.

In short, this plan puts forward a comprehensive reshaping of Europe’s economy in a sustainable way.

Schuttelaar & Partners can help you to interpret the Green Deal and advise you on how to embed the policies into your business operations. Curious to learn more?

You can read our Green Deal memo here.

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