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Report 'Cultivation of embryos especially for research' to the House of Representatives

At the request of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, we organised a social dialogue to bring to light how people in the Netherlands currently view the breeding of embryos especially for research (special breeding). The report on this dialogue was presented to the House of Representatives yesterday.

View the report here (Dutch)


Valuable insights through a combination of forms of dialogue

In this project we combined various forms of dialogue: focus groups with experts, parties from the social field and a citizens' panel and a public meeting in the form of a Societal Café, supplemented by a quantitative survey among more than 1,000 Dutch people.

You can read more about the results of the various components of this project and the conclusions that can be drawn by combining these results in the report that was presented to the House of Representatives on 10 March 2020.


Impulse for social dialogue

There are different ideas about special cultivation in the Netherlands: it is unlikely that we will ever reach full agreement on all the dillma's that play around with this subject. The question is how we, as a society, deal with this disagreement. With this project we contributed to an important, new impulse to renew the social dialogue on the special breeding of embryos for research.

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