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New cookbook North Sea Fish from Scheveningen

The second cookbook of North Sea fish from Scheveningen is now for sale. Noreen ter Beke, Paul Einerhand and Suzanne van der Pijll introduce youngsters to fish from their own sea through delicious dishes. The recipes have been developed together with students of ROC Mondriaan and SVO vocational school Food.


Fresh catch for the new generation

The consumption of fish among young people is very low, while eating fish is very important for young people. Apart from the fact that the proteins in fish help with the growth, maintenance and repair of the body, fish is also very tasty and the North Sea offers a wide choice of fish species. Together with students of ROC Mondriaan and SVO vocational school food, the recipes in the new cookbook have been developed. Suzanne van der Pijll, one of the makers of the book: "With this cookbook we want to make young people enthusiastic about North Sea fish from Scheveningen. We want to show them what species of fish the North Sea has to offer and how tasty and versatile local fish can be. There is plenty of choice in Scheveningen. And fish is really not difficult to prepare. All the recipes in this book are made by young people. Young people who are preparing for a working life as a cook, fish vendor or at another place in the fish sector".

More North Sea fish from Scheveningen on the menu

Fish such as whiting, plaice and rock are offered almost daily in Scheveningen. Many of these freshly caught North Sea fish go directly from the port of Scheveningen to foreign countries. The aim of the North Sea Fish Foundation from Scheveningen is to let more people enjoy our own fish from the North Sea. It couldn't get any fresher. Schuttelaar & Partners has been helping the Scheveningen-based North Sea Fish Foundation with marketing, communication, strategy and promotion since its establishment. Order this beautifully designed book (Dutch) now via the button below!

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V.l.n.r. Noreen ter Beke, Suzanne van der Pijll en Paul Einerhand

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