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CSR within our office

Towards a new green economy

Since its founding in 1995, Schuttelaar & Partners is active in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). At Schuttelaar & Partners, we have taken many steps in the field and we are seeking to make an extra contribution to sustainability and health. CSR at Schuttelaar & Partners is all about generating Positive Impact.

Communicating about CSR


In 2020, Schuttelaar & Partners celebrated its 25th anniversary. A festive year that, like all our clients and contacts, was marred by the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, we managed to create positive impact, even in this difficult anniversary year. You can read how we did this in our Sustainability Report 2020.


Quick conversion to online

In 2020, we succeeded in rapidly converting the meetings we organised into online sessions. We rapidly gained knowledge and experience with webinars and other online events. In the future, this expertise and employees working more from home will remain structural effects.


Reporting on impact

The Sustainability Report 2020 reports on impact. We maintain the structure of our four core areas (agriculture, food, health, climate) and the main action lines per core area. Each action line is explained with at least one impactful project. You can read all about these projects and what we achieved together with our clients in 2020, by clicking on the button below.

Read the Sustainability Report 2020 (in Dutch only)


Partner CSR Netherlands

Schuttelaar & Partners is a member of CSR Netherlands and fully supports its code of conduct. We have transposed this code of conduct to our organiation, considering the nature of our activities. The code of conduct is therefore a vital part of our philosophy. Every employee agrees with this philosophy in his/ her contract. We also examine employees’ support for our philosophy in the competency management system.


Complaints procedure

We aim to treat complaints of our clients immediately and with respect. Moreover, together with the clients we search for a suitable solution. This process normally follows a previously established channel of communication between the client and the account manager. However, if deemed necessary, management itself will take the lead in finding a more suitable solution.

Facts & figures


Nbr employees

Nbr clients






> 200

> 200

 approx. €6 million

 approx. €6 million



> 200

 approx. €6 million



> 200

 approx. €6 million



> 240

 approx. €6 million



> 165

 approx. €7 million



> 165

 approx. €6 million




2014 - 2013







Working for the Food Bank

Since 2011, we decided to contribute to a local charity in The Hague, where we are headquartered. The food bank fits perfectly with our field of work and expertise. In addition, we discovered that we can support this volunteer-based organisation with our services, including strategic advice, communication and acquisition.

Thick Sweater Day

On the Thick Sweater Day, we put the heating in our office two degrees lower and invite all employees to wear their warmest sweaters. We explain how we save energy by keeping the temperature in the office stable, and ask for input to further improve our energy management and efficiency.

Double sustainable roof

Which roof is more sustainable: a green roof that is also isolating and  fully water-proof? or a roof with solar panels to generate energy? We could not choose, so we installed both on our roof at our headquarter office building in The Hague. As we are advising companies and governments about sustainability and CSR, we consider it important that we lead by example by replacingour roof. Four our green roof, sedum plants was the obvious choice, but we also wanted to learn how to generate our own energy through renewable sources. After careful consideration, we thought - why not combine these two? We bought sixteen solar panels and placed them on a white surface on one half of the roof, allowing them to function optimally. The other half of the roof has beautiful green layer of plants. The outcome? we now have a double sustainable roof!

The company and the health of employees

Having healthy employees is important because it is good both for them and for the company. Schuttelaar & Partners stimulates its employees to live healthy in various ways. Examples range from organising ski and mountain-bike weekends to jogging, sailing competitions, hikes and tournaments in volleyball and squash. That is how we stimulate our employees to practice sport on a regular basis. Furthermore, we also promote eating healthy.  A healthy lunch with fresh salads, predominately lean meat, skimmed milk, fiber-rich bread and fresh fruit is served in our office on a daily basis in our office in The Hague. Since 2012, we have a fully vegetarian lunch once a week andevery meal is based on healthy products that fulfil the Choices criteria. Our efforts have generated results. In 2015, we were named as one of the top-three fittest companies in The Hague!

Schuttelaar & Partners and sport

Practicing sport is healthy and makes you fit. That is why we offer our employees the chance to develop themselves in this regard. Our runners train with a personal coach for the City-Pier-City Run. In the winter, we go skiing and snowboarding and in the summer, we go to the beach for a game of beach volleyball. 

Mountain bike weekend

Every year, an enthusiastic team of the Schuttelaar & Partners employees goes to the Ardennes, in Belgium, for a weekend of mountain biking. They aim is to conquer high mountain tops and deep valleys in the beautiful surroundings of La Roche.

Squash tournament

Some of our most athletic employees challenge each other frequently on the squash court. Contestants rise up to the challenge to the best of their ability, aiming to win the ultimate Schuttelaar & Partners squash trophy.  

Winter sports

Every year in January, approximately ten Schuttelaar & Partners employees take a bus to French Alps. Snowboarders, skiers and even cross-country fans enjoy a long weekend in the sun and snow.

Beach volleyball

Every August, approximately five teams enter the Schuttelaar & Partners beach volleyball tournament, taking place on the beach in Scheveningen. Well-prepared or not, everyone is ready to give all that it takes to win the glorious trophy!

City-Pier-City Business Run

For 13 years already, Schuttelaar & Partners has participated in the City-Pier-City Business Run in The Hague. Workers, their family members and friends/acquaintances are welcome to join the run, traditionally followed by a good lunch.

Sailing with the Kingfisher

The North Sea is located less than 3 km from our office in The Hague. That is where we can be found regularly, cruising on the sail-yacht ‘The Kingfisher’, together with our clients. We also participate in the annual IJspegel Trophy competition. The IJspegel Trophy is a famous sailing contest, departing from Scheveningen.