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Working towards a healthier world with strategy, implementation,  communication and creation!

With us you will find the unique combination of working on a healthy and sustainable world in a commercial setting. We believe in the power of collaboration and in the combination of content and communication. It's wat we do every day with passion and satisfaction. 


Our Vacancies

We are always looking for talented consultants, designers and developers. Please feel free to contact us for an open application and keep an eye on our website for new vacancies!

Power of cooperation

We combine content and communication. We feel at home on that intersection and see the change that we initiate every day. Often at the clients or stakeholders table, sometimes in the field, or in brainstorms and consultation with colleagues or just at our own desk. We only achieve complex transitions through cooperation with parties in the chain. Internally or externally: we always select the best team for the job.

Learning organisation

On a personal and professional level training on the job is by far the most effective way of learning. Within your own theme and in collaboration with colleagues of other themes and services. Supported by our own S&P Academy and by your personal development plan with 360º feedback. We always evaluate customer projects. This is how we learn from and with each other.

You make a career yourself

We provide the tools; you have the freedom to take the responsibility that suits you. Of course you can always call on your colleagues to think along with you. We also have a career path; perhaps that is not just as outlined as within other organizations. You set your own pace.


Our Quarterly Sessions are the event where all colleagues from The Hague, Wageningen and Brussels meet. In each session we share cool clients and projects, and developments inside and outside the office. The Vitality team organizes sporting and relaxing activities such as the mountain bike weekend in the Ardennes, the City-Beach-City run in Th Hague, the beach volleyball tournament in Scheveningen and weekly boot camp trainings and lunch meditations.


"Working at Schuttelaar is striving together for the transition to a sustainable and healthy world. With our customers and our rich network. Our diverse expertise, mutual cooperation and passion are unique."

- Karin van Dooren, HR Manager


We are working on a better world every day. Join us at our Instagram account to look over our shoulders.