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Transparent value chains

Global sustainability challenges

Following the global sustainability challenges, there is a growing need for commodity supply chains to become more sustainable. Sustainable supply chains are able to fulfil the demands of the growing world population. Commodities must be sourced responsibly. More than ever consumers want to be assured the food and products they buy are produced in a socially and environmentally sound manner. Companies must respond or run the risk of being left behind. Solving sustainability issues is challenging due to the complexity and international character of these supply chains.


Enhancing supply chain sustainability

We help companies and sectors to make commodity value chains more sustainable. We offer tailor-made solutions that create business value and drive sector-wide transformation.

Our expertise lies on international agro-food commodities (e.g. coffee, palm oil, cocoa, tea, flowers, soy). But we also work with other sectors such as fashion and gold. We focus on complex and topical supply chain issues such as human rights, living wages, responsible sourcing and supply chain traceability.


Combining context and content

Our team of agro-food, sustainability and communication experts is dedicated to tackle complex sustainability issues. The combination of in-depth professional and sector knowledge, a broad orientation and great societal engagement makes us pragmatic and result-oriented. We easily combine content with context: this makes us unique. Our network ensures that we know how to bring parties together to set things in motion. We provide strategic advice, conduct value chain analysis, drive implementation, convene stakeholders and communicate about impact.


Our services

  • Strategy development 
  • Supply chain analysis  
  • Online tooling and implementation
  • Multi-stakeholder facilitation
  • Sustainability reporting & communication

Masterclass Due Diligence

Schuttelaar & Partners co-organises master classes to help clothing and textile companies to become more transparent towards their customers and society as a whole. Conducting due diligence properly is essential in every business transaction. Are you willing to increase your control over the supply chain? Take part in the master class Due Diligence & Procurement practice and identify and tackle malpractices in your supply chain.

The course is organized in two master classes of 4 hours and 8 additional hours of individual advice about due diligence and purchasing practices. 

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