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Healthy & well

Challenges in the health sector


In a vital society healthy living appeals to all. Besides this, we also need to rely on good care in case of illness. There is an increasing need in society for people managing their own health and for healthy lifestyles. At the same time, our healthcare system is under pressure due to an ageing population, chronical diseases and differences in health.


Contribution to sustainable solutions

Societal challenges are big and its solutions often impact the lives of many. That’s why we want to help our customers. Establishing a support base for suppliers of innovative solutions isn’t easy, regardless if these suppliers are start-ups or large pharmaceutical companies.


Knowledge and communications

Our experts can deal with complex societal and communication challenges. Every day we are passionate about the prevention of health issues and changing people’s behaviour. We support collaboration in healthcare and we intend to gear up medical, technological and social innovation. By connecting knowledge in healthcare to communication expertise, we are making the difference for our customers both in the public and the private sector.


Our services

  • Strategic advice in policy and research
  • Communication on health issues
  • Creating a support base for innovative health solutions
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement

Raise political awareness for blood disorders

An estimated 80 million people suffer from one or more blood disorders in the European Union at any time. Regrettably, among them about 115,000 patients die each year. The age-adjusted mortality of all blood cancers combined ranks third after lung cancer and colorectal cancer in the European Economic Area. Tragically, they are most prevalent among some of the most vulnerable groups: children and the aging.

The European Hematology Association (EHA) promotes excellence in patient care, education and research in the field of Hematology. The EHA has more than 4000 members worldwide. In order to represent and advocate at the EU level the interests of haematologists and patients suffering from blood disorders, EHA asked Schuttelaar & Partners to help them increase their visibility.

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International pharmaceutical company

The digital revolution is causing a profound shift in how pharmaceutical companies communicate with their stakeholders, including patients. Their roles in the healthcare sector are changing and close collaboration is necessary to reach common goals. Fostering a two-way dialogue with your stakeholders is becoming of ever greater importance. Social media creates opportunities to actively listen, communicate and engage with your stakeholders to establish long term relationships. 

We support our clients in optimizing their accessibility and potential reach through social media campaigns. This includes online stakeholder analysis, social engagement strategy, web and content development, conversation management and staff trainings. Our client currently has three active social media platforms, used to engage individuals and organizations’ profiles in online conversations. 

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