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Healthy food

Healthy for people, animals and the environment

Sustainable and healthy are key words for responsible food. In collaboration with our customers we work for healthier food that is not only available to the happy few in society. As such we connect this to fair and clear communication.


Healthy food is often sustainable as well, like vegetables such as pulses, nuts, fruit and produce. This however not always holds true. Fish is for example very healthy, but also increasingly scarce. Sustainable food is produced with respect for the environment and animals, with minimum levels of artificial input and based on fair working conditions. If packaging is required, this preferably fits into a circular economy.


Innovative products require food & social compliance

To enable the transition to more sustainable and healthy food, new products and ingredients are needed like plant-based protein. It is however not easy getting these new products introduced on the market. They often require to comply with a myriad of complex legislation (legal compliance), like the EU Novel Foods legislation. Besides this, it is important to gain support from relevant stakeholders in society (social compliance).


Different roads lead to food that is sustainable, healthy and affordable. Schuttelaar & Partners helps its customers by leading the way, clarifying complex processes, engaging stakeholders and providing a clear and insightful presentation of the progress made. All this driven by our mission and vision and our passion for fair food.


Healthier food for Europe

In the Netherlands, many stakeholders in the food supply chain join forces to produce healthier food. The Dutch Ministry of Health aims for more European agreements on a healthier food supply. Schuttelaar & Partners mapped initiatives of other EU Member States on healthier food – mainly on logos and statutory arrangements for product improvement – and compared their nutritional criteria and targets. 

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