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Clean energy

Working together


A support base among all relevant stakeholders is needed to really get energy transition going. This impacts society at large: the houses in which we live, our offices, our food, our means of transport and the products we use. Parties are searching for solutions with the best practical fit. We support communities, businesses and other organisations to manage this collaboratively.


Support in society

We help our customers in achieving a support base in society for energy transition. Because this is not about technology only, but essentially a human issue. How we design schools, how we organise the labour market, how we turn social consciousness into social responsibility. The energy transition challenges us to organise ourselves and to engage all people.


Speeding up the transition

Be it grid operators, residents’ representatives, policy makers or energy suppliers, with our Excelerator we connect all relevant parties and keep them together. Together we set ambitions and targets and we translate these into strategy. By executing this strategy we aim for positive impact by speeding up the energy transition.


Our services

  • Stakeholder management to create social support
  • Communication on energy transition
  • Materiality analysis to gain insight in the most relevant topics
  • CSR reporting on positive impact

Want to know more?

Edwin Hecker

Managing Partner

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