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Terms of Service


  1. Applicable to all our activities are the terms and conditions of supply, as filed at the Chamber of Commerce in The Hague, The Netherlands and which can also be found at
  2. Schuttelaar & Partners adds 5% to all work-related charges and out-of-pocket expenses to cover general and usual business expenses such as communication, administration, and national accommodation and travel.
  3. Schuttelaar & Partners keeps all information received from clients confidential. However, with the client’s consent, Schuttelaar & Partners may publish information about its work. As the mission of Schuttelaar & Partners is to make society healthier and more sustainable, we reserve the right to deliver services to any party.
  4. Schuttelaar & Partners retains all copyrights to proposals, reports, websites, brochures or any other publication. Unless agreed upon otherwise, products or drafts cannot be forwarded or published without prior permission from Schuttelaar & Partners.
  5. Unless stated otherwise, quoted rates and offers will be valid for two months from the date on which proposals are issued.
  6. Whilst providing services which are based on extensive knowledge and expertise, Schuttelaar & Partners cannot accept liability for damages which may result from these services.
  7. Schuttelaar & Partners invoices clients shortly after accepting assignments, halfway through the project and after completion, following a 40%-40%-20% scheme. Prices quoted in a proposal can be exceeded with a maximum of 5% unless it is otherwise explicitly agreed upon.
  8. In projects that involve production of communication materials - such as brochures, reports, websites etc - our estimates include a maximum of two rounds of client review. Additional rounds of review that may be requested by the client will be billed independently, according to the additional work that they require.
  9. Business expenses that are not standard - such as those related to courier services or printing - may be billed as out-of-pocket expenses.