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Webinars and Online Events

Meetings in beautiful rooms. Attending workshops and seminars at top event locations. That has changes quite a bit. One colleague sits between the breadcrumbs at the kitchen table and the other is working from his study, where the books are piled up high. Working has become very different for many of us. 

We now know we will mainly be in touch online in the foreseeable future. Luckily, keeping high quality contact is easier than you think! Schuttelaar & Partners has a lot of experience in developing and applying tailor-made tools and working methods that take online meetings to a higher level. 

The right form

Fully equipped digital meetings 

Form and content are key to a successful online event. Based on your needs, we will map out a suitable working method, whether it is a webinar with inspiring speakers, a conference or or a company meeting for all employees. And what do you think about a brainstorm, including break-out sessions?  Tools we use are, amongst others: YouTube LiveWhereby and Zoom

From start to finish
We offer the full package: preparation, the digital design itself, the development of the programme and the reporting. In addition, we have experts in the fields of agrifood, energy transition, circular economy and healthy living at our disposal, who you can use as chairman, moderator or facilitator. 

Getting started

Solutions in the new era

A new era calls for new ideas. We’d be glad to help you find the best approach and solution for your meeting or seminar.  Professional participation is possible from any location. Kitchen table or study? No problem. Please contact Sanne Heijnen for info on ‘the new way of collaboration’.  

Want to know more?

Sanne Heijnen

Senior Consultant

Call + 31 6 13 25 05 87 or send Sanne an email.