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How does the outside world perceive you? How is this perception created? And how do you influence this? Having conversations with your environment is more relevant than ever.

Strengthen trust by sharing your dilemmas

Organisations are integral actors of society. Bearing in mind that there are now many ways in which information can be shared, organisations need to be transparent in their practices to ensure, continuity and growth. Actively engaging your stakeholders in dialogue is highly effective in this regard. Involving stakeholders when determining your strategy and implementing it, will ensure that your organization is aware of the relevant challenges and reinforces its status as a member of society. This endeavor strengthens confidence in your organisation and offers new insights to all parties involved in the process. Furthermore, multi-stakeholder dialogue inspires cooperation and facilitates change.

The growing number of communication channels significantly alters the stakeholder engagement. In addition to traditional stakeholders, there is a growing group of ‘social influencers’, who can have a remarkable impact on your reputation. We help to map stakeholders and carry out  both online and offline stakeholder analysis. Based on this assessment, we create an engagement strategy. We also take care of the execution of the strategy. In this regard, we organise dialogue sessions such as ‘diner debate’, ‘societal cafe’, focus groups or panel discussions. Furthermore, we gauge and evaluate results of your work through the means of interviews or surveys. Besides offering tailor-made services,  amongst a broad range of different methods, we propose an approach that best  corresponds your unique aims and challenges.

Make the healthy choice the easy choice

The Choices Programme is a global, multi-stakeholder food information initiative that brings together governments, the food industry and scientists. Its objectives include facilitating healthy food choices for consumers and stimulating the food industry to innovate and reformulate products, thereby increasing the availability of healthy options. 

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