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Our interim-consultants make desired transition possible  by working on the site of your organization. Our secondments range from short projects to long-term programmes implementing substantial changes.

Making big steps

Most organisations nowadays realise that they can have a meaningful contribution to sustainability and health. They are also ready to take the necessary steps in this regard. But how far can they go in this direction? What is realistic that can also deliver high returns and the ability to distinguish your business from others in the field of sustainability and health?

Our consultants understand that many organisations want to contribute to the healthier and more sustainable world, provided that this path is manageable and that trajectory towards it has a clear scope. That is why we, together with our clients, define realistic results and develop realistic action plans, including determining start and finish line. These plans can be implemented by one of our consultants directly from your organization. We select the consultant who matches the best content of the task from a pool of expertise in areas such as nutrition, technology, health and environment.

For complex issues, it is wise to ask for a secondment. Our consultants will then be part of your organisation and the core team dealing with the issue at hand on a daily basis. This allows for a high degree of interaction, allowing for continuous progress.

Want to know more?

Patrick Reijnen

Managing director communications

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