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A new way of communicating

This spring has brought new ways of living, working and relaxing. As we’re getting used to it, we see the need to communicate more remotely and digitally. This will probably become partly structural. 

We now know that we’ll be having lots of digital conversations in the foreseeable future. Luckily, keeping in touch and engaged with your employees and stakeholders is easier than you’d expect! 

Leaving an online impression 

Schuttelaar & Partners has developed a unique online platform for impactful digital communication: H5mag. So that information and content sharing can be fully continued remotely. 

More and more of our business relations choose to share their stories via our online platform. For example, the KNVB and FrieslandCampina use H5mag to communicate with their target groups and we bring financial content to life for insurance company Nationale Nederlanden.

We create all of these wonderful digital solutions. From concept to publication.

Experience: communication comes to life

Our platform brings life to the communication message. The presentation of the content is key. The message remains unchanged. 

The rich, dynamic design strengthens the message you want to get across. A fresh breath of air between all other forms of digital communication that are currently reaching us. 

Did you know that American schoolchildren learn about our beautiful planet with H5mag editions of National Geographic.

Excellence in content and form 

Content and form reinforce each other. This concept also applies to our way of working at Schuttelaar & Partners, as our designers closely collaborate with content makers and copy writers.

We can make international and complex issues accessible, just look at our work for the European Agrifood Sector.

Raw Content is processed into an appealing presentation or publication easily.

Solutions in this new era

We’re happy to help you find the best solution for your specific challenge in this new era. And let's face it, a new way of approaching things might even be fun! 

Want to know more?

Patrick Reijnen

Managing director communications

Call 06 83 52 60 73 or send Patrick an email.