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Government communication

This Spring, within a few weeks the role of the government quickly gained importance. Suddenly millions of Dutch people are dependent on policy measures. On the other hand, for successful policy the government needs to rely on societal support to effectively influence the attitude and behaviour of specific groups.

Positively influencing attitude and behaviour

Schuttelaar & Partners engages in programs that ultimately lead to a positive attitude and change in behaviour. In particular by providing strategy, content and creation for projects in the field of food, agriculture, health and energy.

In recent years we worked intensively with municipalities, provinces, ministries and ngo’s. For example on topics such as disease prevention, innovation and nature policy.

Using our expertise

At national, provincial and municipal level, the government extensively uses our expertise to make and check policy. Given our comprehensive knowledge of the food, agriculture, health and energy sectors, we are regularly asked to conduct policy research and organize stakeholder meetings.


We help governmental institutions with policy evaluations, establishing communities and other collaborative partnerships to implement policy and set up strategic knowledge and innovation agendas.

Content and creativity

To translate complex government topics into successful approaches and campaigns, we combine expertise in content and in communication. Because we understand the messaging, we make government communication work.

Teaming up

Municipalities, provinces and ministries. Our policy and communication specialists are ready to team up to collaboratively address the challenges in food, agriculture, health and energy. So don't hesitate to call us, we are ready to start. 

Want to know more?

Carla Kivits

Strategic Consultant

Call + 31 6 37 19 56 07 or send Carla an email.