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Entrepreneurship, sharing knowledge, building expertise, participating and working together to reach social goals.

Engaging in successful entrepreneurship and building coalitions

Numerous successful organizations started out in our offices. Examples include ‘North sea farm’ foundation, ‘Youth with healthy weight’ and ‘Cows in the meadow’ foundation. We have a solid track record in empowering organisations and companies, which seek to make society healthier and more sustainable. During their founding years, we often provide them with the office space and an effective operational strategy. 

Sometimes it is more effective to temporarily join alliances or platforms. By working together with like-minded partners, thus sharing knowledge or communicating jointly certain issues to the government or society, you will have better chances to reach your goals. We often provide support to start-ups, such as VOLTA TV channel, or we work together with them, as in the case of Saint Basics.

Broadcasting ideas for a turning world

Volta is an international video platform full of sustainable inspiration. Everywhere in the world cool projects, initiatives and companies working towards a cleaner and greener future are emerging. Volta is the international platform where all those stories come together. We want to create a worldwide community that believes in the possibilities of a sustainable society.

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Towards a regional seaweed economy

A growing global demand for nutrition and high-quality resources challenges us to explore new methods of food production. Seaweed production does not require fresh water, fertilizer nor farmland. As such seaweed is a sustainable resource for healthy nutrition and adds to our food security for the European region.

Seaweed converts the greenhouse gas CO2 into biomass and oxygen. This counters oceanic acidification and climate change. Also, the production fields, i.e. seaweed farms create excellent shelter and nurseries for juvenile fish and other organisms such as shellfish and crustaceans. Moreover, seaweed farming will enable multi-use with functions such as wind energy, fishery, shellfish cultivation, etc.

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