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Prioritizing themes for addressing AMR in Dutch healthcare practice


ZonMw is the Dutch organization for health research and health care innovation. They will soon launch a new funding program focused on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Dutch healthcare practice.

This is necessary, because according to the WHO, AMR is one of the ten greatest threats to global public health. To outline the program, we conducted a field consultation among stakeholders. We brought together expertise from various corners of the field, in order to come to a joint approach in the fight against this global threath.

Our Approach

For this battle, we conducted interviews with stakeholders, held an open consultation and organized a stakeholder meeting. We combined the arguments and priorities from various stakeholder groups into a report. This report is the basis for ZonMw's program text. With this report important steps can be taken for new research in the Netherlands that is crucial to combating this silent pandemic.

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