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Organisation of sustainability conference What's Cookin'

What's Cookin'

Sustainability plays an important role in the competitive struggle of food companies. The environment, health, animal welfare, fair trade: these are concepts that cannot be imagined without. What are the developments, where are they going, how do we translate sustainability into commercial opportunities?

On 21 June 2022, with the theme 'New horizons in sustainable food', we took a first step by means of key note speakers, a panel discussion, various workshops and 'The Big Interview' with Duncan Hoy (CEO, Plus Retail) and Kitty Koelemeijer (Professor of Marketing, Nyenrode Business University).

What's Cookin' was an event of the well-known CSR network Foodpolicy. We were co-organisers, thought along with the programme and helped recruit speakers and participants.


More information about the event can be found here

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