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Methodology and communication for Veluwefonds

Stichting Veluwefonds

Stichting Veluwefonds works for a sustainable development of the Veluwe, a nature reserve which is mostly covered by forests in de Dutch province Gelderland. The foundation does so by supporting initiatives and economic activities which focus on improving the nature and biodiversity in the area.


Biodiversity on the Veluwe

On the Veluwe biodiversity has drastically inclined over the last couple of years. Stichting Veluwefonds wants to contribute to the recovery of biodiversity on the Veluwe. That’s why the foundation asked for our support regarding the development of a method for biodiversity recovery and communication about this project.


Model for biodiversity recovery

We helped to further develop the procedures and organization behind the existing model for biodiversity recovery. Additionally, we spoke with different stakeholders. We asked them how the existing model could be improved and gained information on how biodiversity recovery can be woven into tenders of (regional) governments. Besides that we developed a new logo for the communication around this process and we helped Stichting Veluwefonds to get in touch with other stakeholders, such as the Action plan for biodiversity recovery.


Research and pilots for impact

We received a subsidy of € 32,000 for stakeholder research and starting pilots. Because of this research and the pilots we can move forward towards the recovery of biodiversity on the Veluwe, which is essential for our environment and the conservation of ecosystems. That’s how we are working together with Stichting Veluwefonds to create a more healthy and sustainable world.

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