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Accelerating transparency in the fashion industry; the Transparency in Action Platform

Laudes Foundation

The Laudes Foundation is committed to support fashion brands to increase their level of disclosure in light of new transparency norms and standards.

Platform for transparancy

Together with Laudes, we created a platform to facilitate transparency in the fashion industry. The platform is designed to support fashion brands in their journey towards transparency by providing practical tools and insights. The platform shows that transparency does not only create a basis for legal compliance (for example for the EU Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence), but also supports brands to improve their environmental - and human rights performance and brand equity.

Goal-oriented approach

We supported Laudes with the UX design and development of the platform, using the Pimcore CMS. Together with the foundation, we created meaningful and engaging content such as the Transparency Disclosure Steps. In addition, we facilitated and produced video interviews with industry experts.

This interactive platform supports brands to improve transparency, and therefore accelerate the transition to positive change in the fashion industry.

Discover the Transparency Guide

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