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Societal Café for Takeda


Takeda is a pharmaceutical company committed to providing better health services to people around the world.


Deciding together            

The theme 'Deciding Together' is gaining ground in healthcare. Deciding together means that the patient, together with his or her therapist, decides on the right treatment plan. That sounds simple, but the practice is often unruly. How is the patient's voice better heard in the consultation room?


Dialogue for health

Because discussions in health care are mainly about, and not with, the patient, we worked closely with patient organization Hematon during this project. On the basis of a survey and Diner Pensant, we picked up the net from stakeholders in healthcare: patients, practitioners and scientists. We talked about the opportunities and challenges they experience when deciding together. We used the results as input for a broader dialogue during the Social Café 'Deciding Together'.

At the Societal Café 'Deciding Together' we brought together 35 patients, practitioners and other stakeholders in healthcare. Everyone seems to agree that codecision is desirable. But how? That question prompts more discussion.

In the area of Kahler's disease, for example, it is a step in the right direction to introduce decision aids for patients. But practitioners need to learn to deal with such decision aids. A decision aid only helps if it is discussed with the patient and if the specialist also dares to deviate from it.


Impactful debate

The concluding debate brought valuable insights from the audience. The conclusion from the audience: medical specialists are open to deciding together, but they do want to be helped. By the treatment team, by their training and by the patients themselves.



Then take a look at the extensive impression (Dutch) of the Societal Café.

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