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Cocoa Value Chain Analysis

Cocoa Value Chain Analysis, Social Economic Council

The Dutch Banking Sector Agreement (DBA) on International Responsible Business Conduct regarding Human Rights, is an agreement executed among a broad coalition of (Dutch) banks, trade unions, civil society organisations and the Dutch government.

The challenge

We were approached by the DBA to support the cocoa working group in the final delivery of its Cocoa Value Chain Analysis.

Our approach

We facilitated a number of working sessions to reach consensus on outcomes and key conclusions of the value chain mapping on a strategic level. We edited the final version of the report including recommendations to be followed-up by the DBA.

The impact

The Cocoa Value Chain Analysis identified areas of potential collaboration in the cocoa sector to address human rights issues that an adhering bank cannot solve by itself. The DBA Cacao Working Group is currently implementing the recommendations included in the Cocoa Value Chain Analysis.


Take a look at the Cocoa Value Chain Analysis!

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