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Secretary of the Smart Food Alliance

Smart Food Alliance

The Smart Food Alliance was founded on our initiative. The alliance was set up to connect medium-sized agri-food companies so that they can independently and jointly take steps towards a healthy, circular and climate-neutral food system.

The Smart Food Alliance functions as a knowledge and inspiration platform for companies, creates bonds between the government and the business community and develops building blocks for the implementation of future food policy. This puts pressure on the transitions within our food system.


Working on system change

We are building a community of medium-sized agri-food companies throughout the chain. Together we are working on the realisation of a healthy, circular and climate-neutral food system.   


Accelerating transition

As the secretariat of the Smart Food Alliance, we are committed to developing knowledge and insight, and sharing experiences in order to strengthen the innovative strength of the sector. To this end, we organise a meeting at one of the member companies four times a year. During these sessions, recent developments, challenges and opportunities that the companies see are discussed and discussed, in order to accelerate the transitions in our food system. 

In addition, we are committed to the development of a 'Delta Plan' Food Transition: more direction, knowledge and resources for a future-proof food system. Together with the government, we want to shape food policy and remove blockages. 


Building the future

Currently, more than 30 agri-food companies are members of the Smart Food Alliance. They are independently and jointly taking steps towards a future-proof food system. The goal is to further scale up in the coming year and to further elaborate and implement the 'Delta Plan' Food Transition. Together, we are on the way to producing and distributing healthy, circular and climate-neutral food by 2030.



Take a look at the website of Smart Food Alliance for more information.

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