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Distinctive CSR policy for Plus

PLUS Supermarkets

PLUS has been number one most sustainable supermarket in the Netherlands for years. With 260 stores nationwide, they strive to offer a diverse, healthy and environmentally friendly assortment. They wish to distinguish themselves from other grocery stores on CSR reporting and improving sustainability.


CSR policy

We have been working for PLUS for the last eight years, mainly on positioning them relative to their competitors when it comes to CSR and sustainability. 


Our approach

We started with advising PLUS about how to incorporate CSR policy into their corporate culture, helped them set realistic goals and wrote a strategy on how to get there together. By working closely together, we’re able to initiate several projects. Monthly green team meetings, stakeholder dialogue sessions, press releases and strategies and sustainability trainings for example.


Healthy and sustainable

PLUS’ sustainability efforts have not gone unnoticed. They have been elected as most sustainable supermarket in the Netherlands for the fifth time in a row. And not only that. They’re also leading in fairtrade products. All bananas, private label coffees, teas and chocolates have the fairtrade label. PLUS is continuously working on expanding their product range with healthy and sustainable items. Their ‘know-the-chain’ approach creates positive impact for growers, producers and employees within their supply chain. All PLUS branches are climate neutral.

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