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Founding Platform Innofish

Dutch Fisheries Sector

The Dutch fisheries sector consists of many small family businesses and a few large enterprises. We set up the Platform Innofish for this sector.


Obligation to land

The obligation to land ('aanlandplicht', the obligation to land and not to discard fish species that are subject to catch restrictions) poses major problems for Dutch fishermen. In the beginning, no one knew exactly what the landing obligation meant, what the consequences of the law were and what possible solutions there were. Platform Innofish was set up to find out. Platform Innofish is a subsidy project.


Setting up a platform

There has always been a great deal of opposition to the landing obligation. Together with forward-thinking entrepreneurs from the fishing industry, we set up Platform Innofish, to prevent the sector from remaining stuck in the resistance for too long and preparing too late for the entry into force of the law. The core of the platform consisted of innovative entrepreneurs from the supply and fish chain, and representatives of knowledge institutions. Knowledge was shared through entrepreneurial discussions and practical, innovative solutions were jointly sought.


Working for impact

Platform Innofish has contributed to the mapping of what the landing obligation entails. Discussions with fishery entrepreneurs and experts revealed promising solutions, some of which were later put into practice. We were the coordinator and process supervisor of this project. An underlying goal of Platform Innofish was to strengthen the network of frontrunners in the sector, building on the VIP sounding board group.



For more information, please visit the website of Platform Innofish.