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Building a community for North Sea Fish

North Sea Fish from Scheveningen

North Sea Fish from Scheveningen (a Dutch harbour town) wants to make fish from the North Sea popular and loved in the value chain; from fisherman to consumer.


Local fish first

The foundation was founded by Suzanne van der Pijll, one of our managing partners, and the Rabobank. The main goal of North Sea Fish is to let more people enjoy the delicious, healthy and sustainable fish which the North Sea has to offer.


Community for fish

We put fish from the North Sea on the menu by building a community. Therefore, we work with ambassadors. Our ambassadors are entrepreneurs from Scheveningen and the surrounding area, they share in our love and passion for local fish. We give the ambassadors a spotlight via our website and social media. Our newsletter keeps our community posted on the latest development. Additionally, we organize a community event three times a year.


Community for change

Since the founding of North Sea Fish from Scheveningen in 2017 we have recruited over 50 ambassadors, all of them are entrepreneurs with passion for our fish. With new canals such as our foto exposition and the cookbook ‘Noordzeevis from Scheveningen’ (in Dutch and German) we further build on our commity to reach our ultimate goal: sustainable, local fish on the menu!



Take a look at our website or the short documentary below (Dutch).