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The New Breeding Techniques Platform (NBT Platform) is a coalition of SMEs, large industry and prominent academic and research institutes which strives to bring clarity to the European debate on New Breeding Techniques (NBTs). 

NBTs are methods that allow the plant breeding industry to develop new plant varieties in a similar—but faster and more precise—manner compared to conventional breeding techniques, and to effectively overcome a number of limitations of conventional breeding. It is yet unclear if, and how, these techniques should be regulated and classified at EU level. Until legal clarity is reached, the commercial application of these innovative solutions is hampered in the EU Member States.

By managing the NBT Platform, Schuttelaar & Partners leverages its knowledge in sustainable agriculture and responsible innovation in combination with its expertise in public affairs to address the current lack of certainty. The activities focus on monitoring legislation, preparing documents, developing studies to provide a thorough overview of the current legal, political and social implications of the use of NBTs. To increase the outreach of the platform and keep its members up-to-date, Schuttelaar & Partners communicates in an open and transparent way towards national and international government representatives, industry, academia, and other interested stakeholders from the agrofood chain such as associations, NGOs and media.

With these actions, Schuttelaar & Partners enables the NBT Platform to provide policy and decision makers with clear and precise information on NBTs and to further generate awareness about their potential benefits for the plant breeding sector, consumers and society as a whole.

For more information on the project, visit the NBT Platform website.

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