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Safari Fitfestivals for municipality Rotterdam

Municipality Rotterdam

Municipality Rotterdam is a municipality in the Netherlands, situated in the province of South Holland. The municipality is the second largest in the Netherlands when it comes to inhabitants. Rotterdam cares a lot about her older inhabitants, especially concerning getting older in a healthy way.


Health and vitality

In an aging society, the goal of Rotterdam is to keep her elders active and healthy for as long as possible. That is why the municipality asked us to organize the Safari Fitfestival 55+. This is an event where we create more awareness for healthy aging amongst elders in Rotterdam. Additionally, we join forces with suppliers around the team of healthy aging. It is Rotterdam’s wish to expand the Fitfestival 55+ to fourteen areas, creating cohesive networks.


Going on a health safari

We developed the safari concept: six animals with their own vitality theme. We match a supplier with an animal, which forms a connection between the supplier and the visitor. Every supplier provides a health check-up, an activity or hands out information. Take the giraffe for example: this is the ‘food and drinks animal’. A visitor of the Safari Fitfestival can go to the giraffe for a glucose test with a tailored advice. In this way, we create awareness in an accessible and positive way.

Together with health partners in an area, we fill in the safari. We organize round tables for the stakeholders of the safari, in this way we facilitate the cooperation between the partners. By doing this, we build an energetic network that works together for the healthy aging of elders in Rotterdam.


For a healthy world

The project is in full motion: the first two Safari Fitfestivals have been organized in 2019, now we are focussing on planning round tables and Safari Fitfestivals in the other areas of Rotterdam. By planning these events, we contribute to a healthy society in which people can grow older in a sustainable way.