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Workshops and process guidance for municipality of Breda

Local Prevention Agreement Breda

Building on the National Prevention Agreement, the City of Breda took the initiative to develop a Local Prevention Agreement together with GGD West-Brabant.   

Stimulating a healthy lifestyle

The Local Prevention Agreement is an initiative to stimulate a healthy lifestyle among the Dutch population, by locally addressing the themes of the National Prevention Agreement: obesity, smoking and alcohol use. The municipality of Breda wanted to focus on obesity and smoking in their Prevention Agreement, and wanted to incorporate the ideas of Positive Health.  

Putting it to work 

We helped the municipality of Breda to organize an online kick-off with thematic workshops, to get the Local Prevention Agreement off to a flying start. By doing so, we were able to put the first agreements on paper and to create support among the local stakeholders.

We set to work with weekly process guidance. Firstly, we discussed the main points of the agreement. In addition, the ideas of Positive Health were integrated into the preparations, in order to give shape to the final result: the Prevention Agreement. During this time, there were strict COVID-19 regulations and digital meetings were the only option. Therefore, the kick-off was prepared in collaboration with our online team. In this way, the technical communication towards the local parties was efficiently taken care of and the online environment was properly set up.

A flying start

Within the themes of ‘obesity’ and ‘smoking’, Breda wanted to focus on three spearheads: a healthy workplace, healthy ageing and healthy inhabitants of Hoge Vucht. We translated these into thematic workshops for the kick-off of Breda's Local Prevention Agreement.   

Led by a moderator, local parties discussed their ambitions, potential contributions and possible collaborations. This allowed the local parties to be involved in the development of the agreement and created support for the agreement. All within the mindset of 'Positive Health'. 

After the kick-off, the input of all attendees was compiled and Breda went to work to get all the final agreements on paper. We then took care of the design of the final product, and making it ready for publication.  

Go to the Bredaas Local Prevention Agreement (Dutch)

For a healthy world

Bredaas Local Prevention Agreement is complete! There's still a lot to be done, but the foundation is there. Within the 3 subthemes, 9 theme workshops took place, 28 agreements were made and 32 public and private parties are included in the agreement. This is how we are working together towards a healthy, sustainable world.