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Program Integrated Approach for ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

The Netherlands are taking measures to combat climate change. The coalition agreement indicates for each sector how much they must reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture has been given the task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an indicative 3.5 megatons of CO2 equivalents by 2030.


Methane and ammonia in the livestock sector

The livestock sector faces the task of reducing the emissions of methane, but also of ammonia, in the Netherlands. A challenge that must go hand in hand with workable measures in practice. And a good future perspective for the livestock sector. The first results from Livestock Farming & Climate Research (Onderzoek Veehouderij & Klimaat) show that there are large differences in emissions between farms. This offers good starting points for working on a more sustainable way of farming.

The Integrated Approach (Integraal Aanpakken) program was launched in 2020 to identify opportunities for reduction and to arrive at integrated solutions for practical use. It builds on the results of the Livestock Farming & Climate study from the 2018-2020 period.  


Communication about integrated approach

Together with Wageningen Livestock Research and LTO, we are providing the communication for Integrated Approach. In addition, we make the link with the business community and offer additional substantive support. We communicate positively about Integrated Tackling, with an eye to the future and a heart for the farmer.

The aim of the communication is to make the projects known, to gain confidence in the results of the projects and to transfer substantive information, in order to bring the possibilities for reduction to the farmer. To clearly communicate the complex relationship between climate change, methane, ammonia and livestock farming, visual communication plays an important role. We also developed the Integrated Approach website on Groen Kennisnet knowledge platform to ensure optimum dissemination of the knowledge we have acquired.


Together with and for the livestock sector

The aim of Integrated Approach is to identify insights and workable measures that will enable livestock farmers to adapt their businesses profitably and in a future-oriented way to the challenges of climate and nitrogen. An integral approach is paramount in the study. After all, a sustainable future for livestock farming also means meeting other necessary and socially relevant tasks and goals. The approach is aimed at offering livestock farmers in the Netherlands a choice of appropriate measures for each type of soil. Measures that also improve the operating results.



More information can be found on the website of Integrated Approach.

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