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Sustainable packaging by promoting cans for MVN

Metal Packaging Netherlands

Metal Packaging Netherlands (MVN) is the trade association of manufacturers of metal packaging. They are aiming to close the can cycle and promote sustainable use of raw materials and energy throughout the chain.

Strengthen the image of cans

We started in 2021 by creating a communication fundament. With fact sheets, an up to date website and social media. On this basis, we still conduct a dialogue with parties in the chain, government and the business community. We also use media and campaigns to change and strengthen the image of cans. We inform the business community, social organizations and the government about the latest developments regarding the applications and excellent recycling properties of cans.

Our approach

For MVN, we are working in several ways to promote sustainable use of cans: 1. Developing or collecting important content that can be used easily, 2. Managing a website that provides an efficient and effective platform for MVN to increasing the attention value, 3. Reinforcing the positive message of the MRF logo (Metal Recycles Forever), 4. Reinforcing the social media channels. For all activities, the plans are made concrete in collaboration with the Communication and PR working group and in close contact with the various members of MVN.

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