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Vision paper Fertilizer 4.0 for Meststoffen NL

Meststoffen Nederland

Meststoffen NL (Fertilizers NL) is the association for the Dutch fertilizer sector and represents producers, importers and distributors of mineral fertilizers.


Manure and environment

The entire agricultural chain, from farmer to retailer, must further reduce its impact on climate and the environment. This requires a new vision on the food supply and the role of (mineral) fertilizers.


Vision on manure

Developing a supported vision requires a great deal of commitment and dedication from the parties involved. We have guided the process through substantive workshops with management, members, social actors and experts in the field of agrifood. In addition, we helped with the decision-making process, the formulation of the positioning, the ambitions and the contribution to the chain.


Magazine for impact

The result is an attractively designed vision document that enables the mineral fertilizer sector to position itself firmly in the social debate. KunstMest 4.0 stands for the use of unprocessed organic fertilizer, supplemented with nutrients whose origin can also be organic. Central to this is the aim to use more circular raw materials and the advice to apply fertilizers correctly: The right means, in the right quantities, in the right place, at the right time.



Then take a look at the magazine KunstMest 4.0 below.