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Stakeholder management and strategy for Twickel Estate

Landgoed Twickel

Landgoed Twickel (Twickel Estate) has over 6500 hectares, which makes it the biggest private estate in the Netherlands. The main goal of the foundation is to maintain its nature and culture, together with her historical significance. The tenants, mostly dairy farmers, play a big role with their farms when it comes to managing the lands.


Sustainable agriculture

One of the goals was exploring the several scenarios which give agriculture on Twickel a sustainable economic future. The result was a plan for the future with action perspective for the local agriculture, which also fits in with the developments in Dutch agriculture and society.


In touch with stakeholders

Our assignment was divided into four phases: assessment & analysis, exploring of scenarios, development of strategy and the plan for the future with action perspective. During this process, we felt the need to assess this with the tenants. We did this by organizing four stakeholder dialogues with all tenants.


Perspective for the future

Because of our desk research, interviews with the tenants and other parties and several meetings, the three main topic became clear: value creation, biodiversity & quality of soil, and energy. These topics were further developed with action perspectives for <1 year, 1 – 4 years and for the long term (>5 years).