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Communication support for Jongeren op Gezond Gewicht


Jongeren op Gezond Gewicht (JOGG) is a Dutch organisation with the ambition to let all children and young people grow up in a healthy environment. A lifestyle in which attention is paid to clean nutrition and sufficient exercise, relaxation and sleep. A vital youth creates a healthy future.

Working with local governments towards a healhy lifestyle

Since the foundation we have supported JOGG in various initiatives. We assist JOGG in working together with Dutch municipalities. By providing local health-, sports-, and lifestyle-related data, JOGG can tailor its approach to the different Dutch municipalities in the Netherlands and facilitate its engagement for healthy children.  

Awareness and support through NL Vitaal meetings

In addition, following the national meeting NL Vitaal 'Together for a healthy youth', we organize regional meetings in various municipalities. By means of these NL Vitaal meetings we create support and awareness and ensure concrete agreements at local level.

International research

Regarded a frontrunner in its field, JOGG strives for broader international engagement. Our first study analysed health policies, programmes and community-based initiatives (CBIs) which use JOGG-like approaches in selected countries across the world. In the second study we identified and evaluated international organisations and networks which are relevant for JOGG’s global partnership strategy.

JOGG’s objective is to use the outcomes of the two studies to stimulate international cooperation and knowledge exchange and to enhance their international online platform:

Earlier work

Less recent examples are The Daily Mile -an initiative to let children run at school for 15 minutes a day -, the Drinking Water Campaign for children at daycare, carrying out relationship management and facilitating a pool of coaches and experts. 

The JOGG approach works

Currently 144 municipalities in the Netherlands successfully use the JOGG approach. In more than 20 municipalities, a decrease in obesity among young people is visible. Besides that, 1.060.406 children were reached in 2018 in the Netherlands. The numbers speak for themselves, and we are happy to support JOGG until every child grows up in a healthy environment.

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