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International pharmaceutical company

The digital revolution is causing a profound shift in how pharmaceutical companies communicate with their stakeholders, including patients. Their roles in the healthcare sector are changing and close collaboration is necessary to reach common goals. Fostering a two-way dialogue with your stakeholders is becoming of ever greater importance. Schuttelaar & Partners helps a large pharmaceutical company to communicate proactively with its stakeholders.

Our approach

Social media creates opportunities to actively listen, communicate and engage with your stakeholders to establish long term relationships. We support our client in optimizing their accessibility and potential reach through social media campaigns. This includes online stakeholder analysis, social engagement strategy, web and content development, conversation management and staff trainings. In doing so, we take into account all laws and regulations, internal constraints and processes.


Our client currently has three active social media platforms, used to engage individuals and organizations’ profiles in online conversations. These channels are followed by relevant stakeholders with a high engagement rate. We are currently working to bring all social media activities to the next level.