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International Holocaust Remembrance Association

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) is an inter-governmental organisation bringing together political leaders and professionals advancing and shaping Holocaust research, education and remembrance. After a period of rapid growth – IHRA now has 31 member countries, eight observer countries and seven permanent international partners - IHRA sought to professionalise their internal and external communications strategy. By coordinating communications, IHRA can better inform key stakeholders of the relevance of Holocaust education, research and remembrance, as well as of the ways in which IHRA can assist organisations active in these fields.

After reviewing existing materials, S&P engaged internal stakeholders through a range of interviews and a well-received strategic session with the IHRA Communications team. Based on their inputs, we drafted a communications strategy identifying key stakeholders, as well as the appropriate messages and tools for engaging them. This greatly helped the IHRA to better motivate internal stakeholders and to communicate more clearly and consistently externally. Through this, IHRA could greatly increase its impact.