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Greenco's snack vegetables on the menu


Greenco is an international grower of snack veggies such as mini tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumbers.


Snack vegetables on the menu

Together with Greenco, we want to stimulate Dutch consumers in eating more vegetables. Quite the challenge, because although veggies are healthy and delicious, we don’t eat enough of them. Greenco wants to make ‘green snacking’ more mainstream and asked us for advice on positioning, communications and an CSR strategy.


Campaign ‘mini-vegetables large’ 

Together with Greenco we defined a strategy on how to show the Netherlands the many advantages that healthy snacks have. From this plan we deducted a campaign for Tommies snack vegetables for kids. In cooperation with several retailers and other parties we made sure healthy and tasty treats were available to kids all day long.  

With a secondment at Greenco we shaped and implemented the CSR policy of the company, for example by making the cultivation process more sustainable. Besides that we advised on communications about nutritional value and labelling and wrote all copy regarding communications about healthy snacking.


A healthy and sustainable diet

Working for Greenco has been a very fulfilling assignment. Not only did we help to increase the Dutch vegetable intake, we also managed to make the production process more sustainable at the same time.

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