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Founding the Taskforce Gezond Uit

Taskforce Gezond Uit

With Gezond Uit (Healthy Outing) recreational parks (such as zoo’s and theme parks) work on a healthier offer of food and snacks


Obesity in the Netherlands

Obesity amongst youngster is a big issue. In 2016 almost 14% of the Dutch children was overweight. The leisure sector is a sector with a lot of changes for improvement when talking about fighting obesity. Many recreational park still offer an unhealthy product range, while studies show that the consumer more often wants to have healthy options during a fun or family outing. The leisure attracts more than 50 million customers each year: an enormous potential.


Action time

In 2017 we established the Taskforce Gezond Uit, an alliance of seventeen parties in the leisure sector. We meet four times per year and discuss a variety of subjects and share best practices. Since 2019, the Taskforce works together with JOGG and the Voedingscentrum (Dutch Centre of Food) for the development of guidelines for healthy outings. The main goal: a healthier assortment of food!


Working on a healthier world

  • In 2016 and 2017 we assessed the menus of 47 recreational parks. Compared to 2016 we see a cautious positive trend in 2017 towards a healthier assortment.
  • The members of the Taskforce are working hard to create a more healthy and sustainable product range. At the meetings they inspire and learn from each other.
  • To enlarge the impact of this initiative, we organized the first national congress of Gezond Uit in the zoo Apenheul (on 13 September 2018). Key notes such as state secretary Paul Blokhuis (ministry of Public Health) are supporters of our initiative.
  • After a successful first congress we organized a second one on 5 September 2019 in the museum CORPUS. During the congress the new guidelines of Gezond Uit were presented to the sector.



Visit the website of Gezond Uit or take a look at the aftermovie of the Congress Gezond Uit 2019.



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