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International Corporate Social Responsibility for FNLI


The FNLI is the umbrella organisation representing companies and sectors in the Dutch food industry. By signing the IRBC Sustainable Food Products Agreement, the FNLI takes responsibility for fair and transparent supply chains, on behalf of the connected and companies and sectors. Similar to other Due Diligence agreements, the progress is monitored and communicated in an annual report.

Report for EU 'Due Diligence' 

With a thematic integrated report, we presented the progress of the agreement and the efforts of the FNLI and its members in the context of the upcoming EU Due Diligence legislation. The quantitative progress is supported by visual elements and was presented to the SER as a septate report. The storyline of the report provides an interpretation and vision on the theme ‘Due Diligence’ and is supported by examples of due diligence in the cocoa, palm oil, soy, rice, cashew, and coffee sector provide additional value to members of the FNLI.


Take a look at the report here (NL).

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