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CSR support and corporate communications for Ferrero NL


Ferrero is the company behind popular confectionery brands such as Nutella, Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rocher and TicTac. With a relatively small office in The Netherlands, Ferrero needs a Dutch support point for corporate communications, institutional affairs and CSR; a role that we have been filling in through a secondment for many years now.

We support Ferrero in connecting with Dutch initiatives and developments regarding for example sustainability of raw materials such as cocoa, palm oil and hazelnuts, as well as topics like packaging and responsible marketing.

Our Approach

By identifying local trends and developments that are important to Ferrero, and active participation in trade organisations and other relevant networks, we act as a bridge between Ferrero and the Dutch market. In addition, we generate publicity for Ferrero's sustainability initiatives and connect with the relevant stakeholders. For an overview of the company’s sustainability ambitions, see

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