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Strategy and communication for SmartAgriHubs


SmartAgriHubs is a 4-year project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 818182.


Technology in agriculture

Digital technologies and business models are dramatically changing the way of farming in Europe. They are generally considered as a key technology to address the grand challenges for agriculture such as assuring a safe and sustainable provision of quality food, fostering resource efficiency, combating climate change and - lately – to develop the circular economy.

SmartAgriHubs aims to builds a strong, multi-layered network of agricultural Digital Innovation Hubs and Competence Centres to exchange knowledge and create a pan-European market for digital solutions for farming and food production so that the farming community is optimally served with digital solutions and the digital transformation will be established deeply in the roots of the European agri-food production.


Strategy and communication

We are in the lead for work package one. Our role is to build the ecosystem needed to strengthen and expand the current agri-tech innovation network. We do this by creating a strong visual identity. Also, we developed a detailed communication and dissemination strategy and create all the tools necessary for implementation.

However, the most important tool for building  the ecosystem is the Innovation Portal that we created. The portal is the online platform where interactions among the ecosystem take place, and where stakeholders can find trainings, information, opportunity for networking, and much more.


Innovation in Europe

The ecosystem is continuing to grow. The project started with 140 Digital innovation Hubs and will grow to over 400 in the next four years. The amount of competence centers will grow from 42 at the start of the project to 2000 after four years. All these stakeholders will use the portal and will form an ever expanding ecosystem that will unleashing the innovation potential for the digital transformation of the European Agrifood Sector.

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