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European Rental Association

The EU is generating some 3 billion tonnes of waste annually, of which 90 million tonnes are hazardous waste. This forces us to move from a traditional take-make-waste economy towards a system that is in balance with our resources and the environment. Central in this concept is the societal shift from ownership of goods to access to goods.

Sustainable benefits of rental

Renting equipment offers significant sustainability and efficiency benefits. Rental companies have the technical, logistical, legal and commercial expertise to help their customers comply with sustainability requirements related to equipment. They have the capacity and the expertise to supply the most energy-efficient solutions, provide safety instructions and training, and often advise on an efficient design of a construction or event site.

Our approach

Schuttelaar & Partners helps the European Rental Association (ERA) promote the sector with European policy-makers and highlight its contribution in the framework of the Circular Economy. To illustrate the arguments of the rental sectors, Schuttelaar & Partners developed a digital brochure [link:].


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