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Euro Pool Group's distinctive CSR strategy

Euro Pool Group

Euro Pool Group (EPG) is the largest logistics service provider of reusable standard packaging in Europe. EPG allows all parties in the chain, such as manufacturers, transporters and retailers, to benefit from the advantages of reusable crates and pallets. Euro Pool Group has around 150 service centres in 12 countries.


Identifying opportunities

Distinguishing and understanding sustainability trends that affect business operations can be quite a challenge. We were commissioned by EPG to identify these trends and link them to business operations in order to define a sustainability strategy for the future.


Strategy for impact

In consultation with internal and external stakeholders, we developed Euro Pool Group's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy. Based on in-depth interviews with various stakeholders and our knowledge of the field, we supported EPG in identifying the most relevant topics. This is how we shaped the core of the CSR strategy and made it distinctive. In the coming years, the CSR strategy will form a guideline to increase the value of the company in all respects. In addition, we wrote a sustainability report for EPG.


Impact on packaging

The CSR strategy we have developed is currently being implemented by EPG. The strategy for EPG helps the company to increase its positive impact. In the medium and long term, this will result in impactful projects in the areas of people, planet and partners.

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